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Bob Ward & Sons - Montana's Outdoor Store

Rustic metal signs featuring beautifully restored vintage outdoor cover-art. Here are the DRAFT designs for 5 metal signs using two different Bob Ward & Sons signs restored from early photos. Everything is “Made-In-America” and a registered " Montana-In-Montana" product.

Please review text and design and let me know if changes are needed. These previews are setup for print with 1/4 in bleed all around, so the actual sign will have a just a thin rusty edge. I can also provide printable files by email. Let me know. Thanks - - Bob 552-2569 Allow one month for production and delivery.


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Custom text for signs with location or business information is available. Please call or email to discuss specifics. I'll work with you to get your signs just the way you want. - - Bob 552-2569